Memory Mittens And MORE

Jack & Mary Designs continues to help countless customers upcycle their cherished sweaters, through our very special, custom designed The Original Memory Mittens And MORE. Recycle the sweaters (or other clothing) you once loved, either worn by you or someone close, and turn them into something precious you will continue to use for winters to come. In addition to creating Mittens for you, we can also create; Hats, Headbands, Scarves, Bun Warmer Skirts, Fingerless Mittens, Christmas Stockings and Flower Pins. 

We can work with one sweater or more! We can usually make 3-4 pairs of mittens from one average adult sweater. We can also work with other clothing!


1. We will ship you our The Original Memory Mittens Box

2. Inside the box you will find a card explaining the process, a bag to send us your (clean) sweater(s) and a personalization form. 

3. The personalization form allows you to tell us how many products you want us to make, sizes, and any other detailed information you want to share. We want you to love your finished product so, please be detailed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our studio at 207-994-2106. 

Choose your size(s) and other products in the drop-down menu below; Men's, Women's, and Kids' sizes. Memory Mittens make the perfect holiday and special occasion gift for you or someone because they are so special. 

$50 per Adult Pair Mittens 

$40 per Children Pair Mittens

$58 Bun Warmer Skirt

$40 Hat Adult

$32 Hat Children

$32 Headband

$32 Fingerless Mittens (wrist warmers)

$42 Christmas Stocking

$81 Circle Scarf

$14 Flower Pin

$10 Scrunchie

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