28th annual New England Products Trade Show

Don't Miss The 28th Annual NEPTS!

2012 Dates Just Announced! Save the date for our 28th Annual NEPTS at the Portland Sports Complex (The Dome) from March 17-19, 2012! 200 exhibitors, including Jack and Mary Designs will be showing off a variety of gifts, home furnishing and specialty food at the 28th annual New England Products Trade Show. "All retailers, from 20 different states, are here looking for locally made, looking for quality made. This is what tourists will be seeing in shops," said Stefa Normantas, principal of Giraffe Events. The New England Products Trade Show, produced by Giraffe Events, is the only wholesale buyers-juried trade show in the country dedicated to hand-crafted items from New England. The three-day event, which is not open to the public, is expected to draw at least 1,500 buyers. Last year, the show generated more than $3 million in sales, which resulted in more than $4.5 million in retail sales and $225,000 in sales tax for Maine, according to Giraffe Events. To read more about NEPTS click here New England Products Trade Show


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