The "R" Word

Upcycled and Recycled Sweater Accessories

My business takes old thrift store sweaters, brings new live to them by creating new products. I guess you could call it recycling. I just do not feel like recycling is the right word for my products. The word recycling reminds me of a bin of plastic and glass bottles or a stack of old newspapers waiting to go to the redemption center. The new catch word for recycling is repurposed - as in; I take old sweaters and repurpose them into hats, mittens and headbands. Repurposed doesn't sit well with me either. So, I decided to throw it out there to Facebook to see what my friends thought. I received some great responses - reinvented, reincarnated and re-loved. I think all of the responses are great and look forward to working them into my media until the right one sticks. So thanks Margaux, Liz and Mary for helping me think outside the box. My new tag line might read - Jack and Mary Accessories, artfully created from re-loved wool sweaters!

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