Wholesale Vs Retail Shows

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I have been transitioning my business into the wholesale arena (away from retail shows) over the past two years. There is a huge difference between the two. I miss some of the simple interactions and casual conversations with retail customers. Wholesale shows are all about business and pace. A wholesale buyer comes into your booth (or just walks by) and you have about 5 seconds to give your elevator speech. It is a new challenge for me and one I am learning to embrace. I like like that you can travel lightly - you only have to bring a representation of your product line.  A similarity between wholesale and retail shows is the trial and error trying to find the best shows to attend for your product line. This year I have attended a lot of wholesale shows; the New England Products Trade Show, Portland ME, Buyers Market of American Crafts,Philadelphia, PA, Boston Gift Show, Boston, MA, and Northeast Market Center, Hudson, MA. I will be attending New England Apparel Club, Marlborough, MA and New England Made, Sturbridge, MA. Next challenge - should I hire a Sales Rep?
Boston Gift Show March 2012

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