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  I want to give a shout out to Songza, a free music streaming service. Songza is different from other music streaming services for two reasons: the playlists on Songza are made by music experts and Songza helps people find playlists by personalizing the Songza experience based on the time of day mood or activity. This morning I logged into my Songza App and was greeted by the following choices -  It's Sunday Late Morning, play music for; Working Out, Waking Up, Summertime, Recovering from Last Night, Reading the Paper, Cooking Breakfast. I decided to go for a run and chose work out. I was then given 6 choices from Pop, Rap, Eclectic, Classic, Rock and Electronic. I chose Pop. I then had a choice of 3 selections - Drop-a-beat, Today's Dance Club Hits and All-Pop Workout. I chose Drop -a-beat and had a continuous play of 61 songs including; Adele, Pink, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Havana Brown, no doubt, The Wanted, Rihana, David Guetta and much more. If you do not like the choices you just scroll back and chose another genre. Give Songza a try if you are looking for - Crisp audio -A Music Concierge that presents music based on time of day - Numerous themed lists, including community-curated playlists - Solid recommendation engine - No audio ads. www.songza.com  

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