"Hookers" Take Scraps

[caption id="attachment_329" align="alignright" width="211"]Sweater Scraps Sweater Scraps[/caption]

Jack and Mary Designs produces a lot of sweater scraps.

Most of the larger scrap pieces are created into a product or part of a product – the Flower Pins, dots for the dot scarves and flowers for the fingerless mittens. Even after all of this recycling I am still left with a large volumes of sweater scraps. I have saved the scraps hoping to come up with an idea to incorporate into a new product. No luck so far and I am beginning to look like a hoarder. I decided to post my dilemma on Facebook to see if someone had a useful idea. Wow, I hit the idea Jackpot. The ideas ranged from a patchwork scarf, school art department, humane society, bird nesters, an art project, coffee cozies and Rug Hookers. I decided to start with the “Hookers” as in rug hookers. I learned that some rug hookers use wool scraps to create rugs. The woman I spoke with was personally interested in four bags. She was attending a Regional Rug Hookers meeting and was going to make an announcement about Jack and Mary Designs bags of wool scraps to see if others were interested. Once I hear back from them I will follow up on the other suggestions.  Thanks Facebook and thanks to all responders.


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