What's Your Style?

It’s January 2013, the beginning of a new year for Jack and Mary Designs.

I have a new studio and am looking forward to another great year.  I feel like I am organized but I know I am also messy. So is Organized Messy a style? I decided to do some research to help me become a less messy and organized person. 217580225716939076_AwcDaZa9_cFirst I needed to figure out what causes me to be messy. There are hiders and seekers. Some people like everything in drawers, tucked away and not to be seen by the human eye unless you are working with it. Then there are seekers, who like to be able to see most things and with a visual scan of the room know where everything is.   I am a seeker. I do not like to look for things. Once something is tucked away in a drawer it is out of sight out of mind for me. This is not a great way to run a business. I need constant visual reinforcements to remind me of tasks.   In my new studio I decided to use open shelving and open storage tools. I went to Target and stocked up on clear plastic containers – lots of them. I also located my trusty label maker. I organized all of my tools and materials into clear bins and labeled their content. I love the way my studio looks. We are 3 weeks into 2013 and so far the seeker open shelf/clear container concept is working for me. I will post an update later in the year. Happy New Year!

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