Manufacturing in the USA

Posted on April 08, 2017 by Marilyn Robertson | 0 comments

America Needs to Bring Manufacturing Home

I recently read an article in my local paper written by a businessman and inventor. He writes about the eight step process and importance of invention. He continues to write about the volume of invention ideas he receives from readers and concludes that American people's desire to invent and innovate is alive and can lead to manufacturing jobs. He continues to write about how our nation tragically killed manufacturing in the past 50 years. And what remain is a remnant of the glory days of the '60's, when the United States was on top of the World in manufacturing. Back then, the middle class was a large, prosperous and very happy sector of the American Population. Today, since Manufacturing has been largely shipped overseas we have increased our national debt to $16 trillion and continues to increase every day. This averages out to $52,000 of debt for each living man, woman and child. This huge debt will be left to our children if we don't do something. Although Jack and Mary Designs is a small company that manufactures Women's Accessories made from recycled wool sweaters - mittens, hats and scarves right here in the USA - Maine I feel proud to be making a difference. American Made Matters - Manufacture in the USA.

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