A New New Hang Tag for Jack and Mary

Jack & Mary Final HT FileI decided to redesign my hang tag. My current tag worked, but needed a face lift. I created a new hang tag that ties into my branding strategy. A tags purpose is to display product information, be visually appealing and compliment a product. In addition to conveying brand information - a hang tag can add value to your product by identifying your brand in a professional way. I am a visual person and the first thing I had to decide was the size, shape, material and color of the tag. I looked at  a lot of samples and became a collector of hang tags. I decided on a 1.75" x 2.50" tag with rounded corners, medium stock, heather gray,  center hole, and strung with black cord. My next challenge was to figure out what information to include -  A tag tells allows you to tell a short story about your company in a small space while simultaneously incorporating creativity and style. I also had to decided which logo to use, tag line, font size, company/product information, necessary details, critical information, price, care details, etc. My ultimate goal is to have my hang tag compliment the Jack and Mary Designs line of accessories created from repurposed wool and cashmeres sweaters. One of the things I learned from my Dad is to do what you do well and let others do what they do well. I found and hired a graphic designer to help me design and lay out my hang tag based on my input. I used Drew Robbins of GMAC Graphics. Drew was a pleasure to work with and put together a selection of great hang tags. Drew can be found at www.GMACGraphics.com

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