Retail "Dogs"

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Jack and Mary Designs first retail "Dog"

My retail career started at Jordan Marsh Department Store. My first job was in the men's department. All year long we would get new merchandise  and sell it. Every so often we would get somethingin that just would not sell. And when these non sellers came in we would receive huge quanties. In the retail trade they were referred to as "Dogs". No matter what we did they would not sell until they were marked down to a magically low price that got the customers attention. I expereinced my Jack and Mary Designs first retail "Dog" this year. Someone told me after my wholesale catalog was printed that a certain product was hot, hot, hot and I needed to make them. I quickly came up with a design, tested them, had a die made and put them into production. I decided I needed to go big or go home so I had 400 pairs made. I sent samples to all of my reps and received zero orders. Each time I shipped out a wholesale order I would include a pair, with a flyer boasting the features of the product. Still no sales. With no sales under my belt I knew I needed to mark them down to that magica price. I did and they sold.  

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