Love that sweater all over again this time on your hands, with Memory Mittens and More. Give a new life to an old wool sweater and recycle it with Jack and Mary Designs. Imagine how thrilled you or someone special will be to have that favorite sweater recreated into a pair of cozy Jack and Mary Mittens or any of our other products. Let the memories of that sweater live on.

Interested? Here's how it works - 

Call the Jack and Mary Designs Studio at 207-994-2106 or email us at and provide us with the following details: 

  • Name, Address, Email, Phone number 
  • How many sweaters do you have?
  • How many pairs of mittens do you want? 
  • What size mittens do you need? Mens, Womens or Childrens?
  • Do you want us to design the mittens or do you have design preferences?
  • Can we use some of our material if necessary?
  • Do you want left over materials returned?
  • Any special requests? 

Cost: $50 per pair 


Give us a call! We look forward to helping you give an old sweater a new life!