Artfully Crafted Accessories From Recycled Sweaters.

Jack & Mary Designs specializes in sweater refashions and upcycling wool into environmentally friendly accessories that give natural fiber a whole new life. Donated and recycled sweaters become colorful, quality, handmade, and one-of-a-kind mittens, scarves, headbands, hats, and skirts.

"It sounds silly, but I always say the sweaters talk to me. I can look at a sweater and instantly know what product we should make," says Founder and Designer, Marilyn Robertson.

Jack & Mary Designs is at the forefront of Women’s, Men’s, and Children’s fashion and the green movement. Our upcycled wool mittens, hats, headbands, and other accessories are sold at online and at our studio in Maine. 

Jack & Mary Designs receives sweaters from multiple resources, including Goodwill Industries of Northern New England, and materials range from wool to cashmere and come in a wide array of colors and patterns.

99% of sweaters we receive are recycled and repurposed for our accessories. Our sustainable fashion does not adversely affect the environment through water pollution, toxic chemical use, and textile waste like other fashion brands.

All of our products are made in America. Keeping things handmade in Maine provides jobs for local women, helps maintain quality control and turn products around quickly, and is better for the environment. So when you wear Jack & Mary Designs, you Wear It For The Planet.



Turn Your Memories Into Keepsakes

Jack & Mary Designs is also known for our very special, custom made Memory Mittens And MORE, which began when a customer asked us to repurpose wool sweaters previously worn to her sister’s Olympic ski races by their late mother. This sweater refashion launched Memory Mittens And MORE, and now anyone can custom order their handmade Women’s, Men’s, and Kids’ Mittens from a loved one's sweater, or an old favorite of any clothing item that you can't seem to let go. In addition to creating Mittens for you, we can also create; Hats, Headbands, Scarves, Bun Warmer Skirts, Fingerless Mittens, Christmas Stockings and Flower Pins. 

Gift a pair to someone special, or have your own mittens made from a loved one’s sweater, an old favorite or any clothing item you just can’t seem to let go. Fleece-lined for comfort and warmth, let your handmade, heartfelt memory live on with Memory Mittens And More.