FAQ Memory Mittens


How are mittens made? 

The outside of the mittens have four (4) parts. The front/top, upper palm, lower palm and cuff. Customers' sweaters are usually used for the front/top of the mittens. If one sweater is sent, with customers permission we typically incorporate some of our own material for the upper & lower palm and possibly cuff.  If more than one sweater is sent we try to use all of the customers material to create the mittens. 

How many mittens can be made from one (1) sweater? 

On average we can make 4-6 pairs of mittens depending on the size of sweater, design, stains and holes. The more pairs we make, the more we will have to incorporate some of our own materials. Once we receive the sweater(s), we will confirm the total number of mittens we can make. 

Can Customer send more than one (1) sweater? 

Yes, since there are four (4) parts needed to make a mitten you can send up to four (4) or more. 

Can we use buttons and or label tags from sweaters on mittens? 

Yes, we try to use as much of the customers materials as possible to create Memory Mittens, including buttons and any special tags/labels

If Multiple Mittens are ordered can they be different? 

Yes, we will do whatever you like. We like mixing up materials so all of the mittens are unique, but we can also keep them all the same, it is your decision. 

Do the sweaters have to be wool? Can you make mittens with other garments? 

We can work with any sweater material. We can make mittens from any garments, if you send it, we will make memories. We have even worked with fur. 

Do you only make mittens from my sweater/garment? 

We can make any of our Jack and Mary Designs products into Memory products. Click this link to see other products and prices:


Do you Gift Wrap?

All Memory Products come wrapped in our signature Logo Muslin drawstring Bag. 

Will my leftover material be returned? 

If you want your leftover material returned, please check the box on our Personalization Form. See * below for more information. 

A few more things...

We do not clean stained sweaters/garments and do our best to work around the stains. 

Customers pay for shipping sweater/garments to The Original Memory Mittens

*We will pay for return shipping of Memory Products created and up to 2 leftover sweaters/garments. Additional sweaters/garments, customer will pay for additional shipping charge.