Memory Mittens Testimonials

"My father was a special man. We have memories of him holding our hands to keep them warm during church. ⁠

We were able to be at his bedside holding his hands and keeping them warm during his final days. ⁠

The Memory Mittens will remind the siblings of the warmth and love our father shared with us. He raised six children and was able to make each of us feel special and believe we were his favorite. ⁠

Sincerely, Dad's ""favorite youngest daughter""⁠




"I just received the Memory Mittens. They certainly brought tears, but also wonderful memories of my husband. I know that I will cherish these mittens and I am sure the family will too. They are precious, thank you for making them."⁠




"This is my brother-in-laws sweater who passed away and he was only 41. It was very sudden and I thought it would make a nice gift. Thank you so much for making these memories for my in laws".⁠




"Oh my gosh, I love them! I almost started crying when I saw the Memory Mittens, they are so beautiful and I know my nieces will go crazy when they see them. Thank you so much for taking the time to make them extra special. I guess they will be the best gift I am giving this holiday. Happy Holidays and you do wonderful work!⁠
I was thrilled to find your website today!"⁠




"I was thrilled to find your website today!"⁠

"When my "Sainted" grandmother (that is what we called her!) passed away 20+ years ago, I took one of her sweaters from her house before I left for the last time. It smelled like her and her wood stoves, and held wonderful memories. I live in North Carolina now, and rarely have the occasion to wear it. It sits in my closet and I have wondered for a long time what I should do with it. I would love to repurpose it into some mittens and or scarves for myself, my sister and my mother I would be forever grateful! Thank you so much for what you do!"⁠